Yoron report - last part

Yoron report – departure day adventure

The day started well – we had a good brekfast, packed, sent few e-mails and then walked to our favourite Paradise beach. We have snorchelled for alomost one hour and then Martin went back to the hotel to take the airport bus with our luggage.

I stayed on the beach and later walked directly from the beach to the airport builiding that has been some 300 to 400 m away. Interesting experience!

We have checked in, got boarding passes, checked our luggage and went outside to watch the airplanes and goats that were living next to the airport building. Martin decided to go a bit further to have a good view of the runway, so that he can photograph arrival or our airplane. I have stayed with the luggage.

Suddenly I noticed people moving around, looking nervous. I went to look at the departure board and there were two red kanji signs next to our flight. I understood from the gesture of the man next to me that our flight got cancelled. I have no idea why, we did not find anyone who could communicate to us the reason. People were standing in line, receiving some money, getting bookings. I went to find Martin. When we came back we were the last people in line, most passangers have left by hotel bus somewhere. We were quite nervous because we did not know how we will be able to get on our tomorrow 8 AM flight to Tokyo. The girl at the counter tried to explain something to us in Japanese with no result. We have only understood that they have only one seat available at tomorrows 2 pm flight. Fortunately she called a clerk who explained to us by drawing pictures that we have an option to go by ferry that is leaving at 2:10, it was 2:09. Somehow we understood that the ferry will wait, we got money back for the ticket and the clerk has taken us to the ferry terminal that was 1 km away. All the other people from the airplane have been already there. They did not have our language problems!!! From one lady we have found out that the ferry to Naha will take four hours, so we will not be able to do any sightseeing in Naha, but we will be on time to our tomorrow morning flight.

Ferry ride was uneventful, we have watched shore of the main island this time from the sea. From what we have seen, we decided that we have liked Yoron better.

In Naha we just went to sleep and then took a plane to Tokyo, met our car team, rented a car and drove to Motegi. We were ready for the championship.

Motegi, 21.11.2006 04:47