Report continues – fourth day in Yoron

Our last full day in Yoron greeted us with strong northern wind, making noise in our little appartment and waves breaking in front of it. It was cooler then other days (23 degrees instead of 26 we enjoyed before). We decided to rent a car and spend morning driving around the island, seeing what is there to see. What is there to see?

The short response to this question is absolutely nothing other than beautiful beaches. Of course you can visit traditional craft vilage, limestone cave, garden and pottery quiln, however those are not mayor sights at all, so you can very well do without them. Beaches are wonderfull.

We started at Pricia - at the western part of the island, drove alond the airport and then along the western and southern coast. The sea has been extremely stormy in front of our house, considerably quieter at the hotel beach, gradually calming down to complete calm as we proceeded south. I have snorchelled at a small beach in the south, with calm water and beautiful coral reef. Here I have seen a beautiful white anemony with clown fish (Nemo) family swimming in it, they are really cute.

On the southern tip of the island there is a small golfcourse below a wind generator, another, considerably larger golfcourse is southwest. As we came to the eastern beaches, it became windy again and large waves vere breaking on the reef. Okaneko beach was a surfing paradise, several windusurfers were zooming around in a strong wind and relatively calm and shallow waters between the beach and the reef. The view of the light blue water around the shore, white waves and dark blue ocean was magnificent.

We visited several more beaches as we were driving north and watched wind and waves to grow stronger. It has been really interesting to observe such changes in a very short distance.

We have spent the afternoon snorchelling around a beach close to a ferry terminal, at the end of the runway. We got to see planes and ferries landing and departing – great show. Snorchelling has been great as well – big coral boulders, suronded by clouds of little colourful fish, larger fish deeper in the ocean. We observed a turtle swimming slowly towards deeper waters.

We had another great dinner consisting of local raw fish salads with wonderfull dressings and local stir fries.

Now is the mornig of our departure day from Yoron, the sky is blue with some clouds, there is no wind, the sea in front of our window is calm.

Okinawa, Yoron, 16.11.2006 00:40